International Multi Cultural Center Project – Moving Forward


To all clients of Americans Helping America,
All services are currently on hold.

The exception to this is our  feeding the homeless program and the International Multi-Cultural Center Project

“In The Face of Adversity, We Will Continue on With Our Good Works”

                                                              –Helaman Hansen


“You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.”
― Shannon L. Alder

AHA – Who We Are

AHA is a 501©6 non-profit organization that helps the local Individuals, businesses and communities by aiding, educating and assisting. Our resources include help for the individuals by educating and empowering them so that they may be better prepared for the job market and life in general. We also provide resources and services for Businesses to be able to expand and grow their business while interacting with the local communities. This will help all to further advance the local economy. We can do this by emphasizing “Prosumer Power – by buying American products we can take our own American economy in our hands and boost all people, businesses and communities. Some of AHA’s ongoing services include;
feeding the homeless, community assistance, business services.

Current and Future Projects

Feeding The Homeless

Multi Cultural Center Project

Bringing Diversity of People Together